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Providing genuine expertise with tailored and affordable solutions to assist all business and individual needs.
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Consultancy & Injury Management Advice
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Prevention is better than cure! Helping small and large business keep their employees safe and well with a range of services proactively managing risks and hazards in your business and minimising injury in the workplace while maintaining productivity.

Return to Work & Life Support

Return to work is not just return to work,  it is a holistic return to life. It is regaining all the areas of your life affected by an injury or illness both physical or psychological.  It’s feeling supported and assisted with your Workers Compensations Claim, Comcare Claim, Department of Veterans Affairs Conditions , Motor Vehicle Injury Claim  or  Life Insurance/Income Protection Claim.

About Us

Why we’re your Injury Management & Rehab Experts

Life Injury Management & Rehabilitation was created by Lisa Edginton, Registered Nurse in 2018 to address a missing link in the industry, a holistic “Return to Life” not just a return to work. Lisa with more than 13 years industry experience and 25 years nursing experience all too frequently would hear injured workers say they felt the rest of their life  had been impacted, forgotten and not considered in their recovery. Life Injury Management  set to address this issue with the business mantra “It’s not just a return to work it’s a return to life” with life goals set and achieved with each individual.

The team at Life Injury Management are highly experienced industry clinicians and provide the service and commitment that we all would expect. Plus they understand the value of ”return to life”.

Lisa herself has experienced the stress of not one, but two workplace injuries in her career. One very early on in her career while hospital nursing; a low back injury and the other in recent years an upper limb injury. Accident’s simply do happen, and having the right support and guidance is essential. 

Lisa has also aligned Life Injury Management with an expanding group of Specialists, GP’s, Psychologists, Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists, that also understand the need for a Return to Life and holistic approach.

The wealth of experience that comes with the team comes from previous and current business’s and industries worked with. This includes ADF, logistics and transport, AFP, DVA, education, aged care and community services including housing and child protection, health, retail, construction, tourism, manufacturing, farming, insurance, mining, ports, rail and more. 

Whilst the team can provide excellent services, support and outcomes for any injury , the primary areas of expertise are upper limb and shoulder injuries and psychological injuries.

Latest News

Myths About PTSD

  • Only people who are weak get PTSD
  • After a certain amount of time, I should be over my trauma.
  • My trauma was so long ago that it’s too late to do anything about it
  • I should be able to handle this myself
  • I feel so anxious, I just need to process this trauma and then I’ll be fine.

Where we Go

Perth Metro, Geraldton, Carnarvon, Exmouth, Broome, The Pilbara, Kununurra, Kalgoorlie, The Wheatbelt, Bunbury region, Margaret River, Kattanning, Albany , Great Southern Region

Our Stats

How are we tracking in 2022?

Same Employer:
 (against industry rate of 85%)

New Employer: 80%
(against industry rate of 64%)

Achievement of life goals: 100%

Net Promotor Score (NPS): 80%