Corporate Health Services, Consultancy and Injury Management Advice

Prevention is better than cure! Helping small and large business keep their employees safe and well with a range of services so you can proactively manage risks and hazards in your business minimizing injury in the workplace and maintaining productivity.

Life Injury Management & Rehabilitation wants to Maximise Your Healthy Workforce.

Preventive Wellbeing Services include:

Perth Onsite Drug and Alcohol Testing

Accredited testers using the highest quality tests and NATA accredited secondary testing facility in the result of a non-negative.  Secondary testing results have a 24 working hours turn from arrrival at the laboratory.  Testing can be “for cause” with an accident, random or blanket. Individuals with family court matters can also arrange testing and be provided with a report.   Quick testing with a maximum of 10 mins per individual. However further time is required if preparing samples for secondary testing.  Tests are performed in a non confronting manner, our services minimise the impact on productivity with a structured and organised approach. Tests kits used identify Opiod’s, Benzodiazepine’s, Methamphetamine, THC, and test for all forms of adulteration of the sample. As a business you can choose between urine and saliva tests, however for the most accurate results we recommend a urine test.

AS/NZS 4308:2008 Procedures for specimen collection and the detection and quantitation of drugs of abuse in urine.

AS 4760:2006 Procedures for specimen collection and the detection and quantitation of drugs of abuse in oral fluid.

Commercial grade breathalyser with valid calibration.

Ergonomic Assessment, Perth and Regional WA

These assessment’s include education and may or may not have equipment prescription recommendations. This assessment maximise’s comfort at a computer(s), enables efficiency and reduces the risk of injury. Good ergonomics is important in every workplace, including working from home, the most minor corrections to a work areas set up, can save a business thousands of dollars by preventing an injury. In-order to assist with prescribed’s equipment we have a range of samples that can be tested.


Commonly completed when an employee commences with the business as part of the induction process, maximum of 30 mins onsite plus a 1 page summary report.

Commonly completed when an employee commences and they have a pre-existing injury or disability. It is also completed if pain symptoms develop as part of employment as an early intervention strategy and where there is a workers compensation claim being managed by Life Injury Management, it is completed as a routine activity as part of the assessment and ongoing management. Maximum 60 minutes and a comprehensive report.I

Recommendations approved by the business can be purchased and on-costed as part of the service.

Job Task Analysis, Job Dictionaries or Duties Manuals

Regardless of your preferred name these documents are essential in supporting your injury management process, and pre-employment screening. We create and update customised documents detailing the task and functional demands that assist with clinical decision making.

Not only does a job task analysis help identify the physical and cognitive obligations of specific roles in your workplace, they can also help recognise appropriate tasks for your employees in the event of an injury where they may be unable to perform their normal role in its entirety. They are especially valuable in assisting management, doctors and other health professionals when developing a return-to-work plan. A job task analysis will help paint an accurate picture of the ‘normal’ tasks performed by the individual, including the type of work, the frequency, the duration and key environmental factors. 

Onsite Return to Work Coordinator Services

Life Injury Management & Rehabilitation provides assistance with the development of injury Management Programs and on site support of your injury management requirements either short term or long term to meet your needs, this may include not be limited to leave relief, shared coordination or a permanent contract arrangement.