Return to Work and Life Support

Providing services in Perth and
Regional Western Australia

Geraldton, Carnarvon, Exmouth, Broome, The Pilbara, Kununurra, Kalgoorlie,
The Wheatbelt, Bunbury region, Margaret River, Kattanning, Albany,
Great Southern Region

Life Injury Management & Rehabilitation has extensive high quality experience and outcomes in both Physical and Psychological injuries and recovery for both Same Employer Services and New Employer Services. Some services may be only “return to life” in the first instance. In all cases “Return to Life” is a focus. 

Life Injury Management is:
WorkCover Western Australia approved accreditation number 153
Comcare approved accreditation number 60530658

This service is offered as “pre-claim acceptance” and for "non-compensable conditions" to support you and your employees. It includes a fast turn-around time for assessment, case conferencing, development of the return to work plan and a one page summary of activities. Whether it is a physical injury or a staff member's return after a long absence from serious health conditions this services fits all employers.

 Life Injury Management & Rehabilitation, customises and tailors each individual case building rapport and trust in the process and recovery. We work clinically and strategically with the injured worker and their clinicians to gain the best outcome possible in a holistic manner with a strong focus on psychosocial and cultural elements.

The inability to return to a workers pre-injury role is extremely stressful. Life Injury Management & Rehabilitation ensures the psychological impact of this is cared for, manages expectation of gaining new employment and assists the injury worker both recover but also become confident, job ready and gain new employment.

Life Injury Management & Rehabilitation offers a suite of services that are tailored to every individual situation requiring sound negotiation skills. It may be facilitating the return to their usual employment, new employment or just return to life and community engagement. Services include Rehabilitation Assessment, Job Seeking Assistance, Modified Vocational Assessments, Training Support, or Employability Assessments.

Significant injury has an unexpected and serious impact on the client and their family. Our holistic approach, working through medical management, social engagement and vocational needs provides for the best outcomes and rehabilitation. We work with the client on their function, resilience and vocational and educational needs and support them to gain new employment and social engagement.